Conference Proceedings 

I have always considered myself fortunate to have been able to work within the mental health sector. Working across clinical and research settings has allowed me to contribute both to individuals and the community as a whole. Attending and presenting at conferences have been  small part of what I have done but they represent the hard work of myself and colleagues in trying to move the profession forward for better outcomes for everyone. Writing papers, workshops and posters really pushed me to communicate on another level! I haven’t included the slides from the presentations but if anyone is that interested you can always contact me.


Conference Proceedings based on written publications

2007 The MHS Conference – Media portrayal of mental health issues: current challenges and complexities (co-author).


Tasmania ANZZA 2015 – Building our resilience to support our students: removing the barrier of fear and inexperience in providing therapeutic interventions for students in an online environment.


Auckland New Zealand ANZSSA 2016 – Building skills in offering Online Counselling to students (Co-Author)


Poster Presentations

17th International Mental Health Conference

HNE Health Psychology Professional Conference 2015