Turns out i’m already a writer


You have me! The answer is yes. Yes, I googled myself. In my defence though I am not particularly good at keeping administrative records so the easiest way to figure out when and what I have already done was to use my exceptional research skills and go to the trusty internet.


What I found was…well I am already a published writer of many different types of writing for several different audiences. To say I am proud is an understatement, I could lie and say I’m giving myself a small pat on the back, but lets be honest, I’m doing a happy dance and some dabbing that my boys taught me. Below I have made a little brag book, a taster if you like of what I have accomplished so far.


When I moved into private practice and consultation work in setting up online services I was side-tracked from writing. I found I missed blogging and writing that wasn’t a clinical note or a letter to a client. Which brings me here, blogging again and writing for pleasure. After years of hearing other’s stories, I’m now telling all the ones I want to tell. All the ones that have been swirling around my head over the past……well let’s not count the years, how about we just say it’s been several.