Another detour? 

Yesterday I finished another chapter of my first draft. It was epic, in the best kind of way. The words flowed easily, characters actions, thoughts and words appearing as black text across the white page. It was magic. Ok, so it wasn’t exactly magic, but something about it felt magical to me. 

I have no deadline as such for this book and the closer I am getting to the finish of the first draft I am pondering two questions. The first is ‘Do I want to finish it?’ I love the characters and stories that I am creating and I know when I am finished these last chapters part of me will miss them. It is the same when I come to the end of a novel I am reading. During the novel I become so invested in the characters and their lives that when the book ends my grieving starts. I find myself wondering do the authors feel this same way? Will I feel this way about my own characters? Is this why some authors write a series of books with the same characters? I have a few questions here and I am making a mental note to ask this question to an the author of the next workshop, book launch or discussion panel I attend.

My second question is in direct opposition to this one ‘Will I be so over writing, re writing, and editing that I can’t wait to be done with you?’ Right now I am in the love phase…or maybe it is lust. Everything is new and interesting, and some may say I have my rose coloured glasses on. Eventually this will pass though, I will know all there is to know and the characters stories will come to an abrupt stop. Will the combination of the frustrations of the next stage of the writing for publication and the stagnant nature of the lives of the characters, suspended in the end point, be enough for me to get past any grief I felt rather quickly? In other words will I be happy to see the end of my relationship with them? 

I guess time will tell. If it is grief, it will pass with time…or I’ll write another book about the characters I miss the most. If I can’t wait to see the end of them then that will also take time, at least I hope it does. Time to talk to publishers, get my book released, talk with media and hopefully a stack of fans. Honestly, I’ll take either option, or both. 

1 thought on “Will I still love you when I’m finished?

  1. I’m captivated and keen to meet your characters Kell! What a good sign that you’ve got anticipatory grief – yes, when it’s a good book it’s such a dilemma about whether to binge-read VS savour each page! If you’re still in the love/lust stage, then your readers are likely to fall in love too & then there will be lots of encouragement to write a sequel!

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