One tentative step for the writer within

I have been thinking a lot lately about how to share some writing with you all, following the overwhelming good wishes and belief you have in me. I can’t share my draft. Firstly because it’s still a draft. Secondly because I need to keep you all in suspense waiting for the published copy!

I am desperate to share some of my other book ideas with you, see if anyone shares my interest and if they would be a hit. It is possible though that my self doubt, the belief you wont like them, are a little louder than my desire to share. Also, truthfully, my husband has me a little worried about sharing any of it electronically in case someone steals my ideas and beats me to publication (His belief in my ability to do this appears to grow stronger everyday and he is somehow louder than my self doubt). 

My other option is to share some of my shorter work with you. I have one away at the moment, awaiting judgement for a competition, so that one is out. Another, which failed to win a shortlisting for a magazine publication has grown into a book idea and I have just, after a little editing, sent it away in an entry for the Faber Writing Scholarship.

This leaves me with just one option, my furious fiction entry for June 2020. While it didn’t win (or rate a mention) I enjoyed working on it, and within the rules of the competition. The rules for this one were: 500 words of less, It must start and end with a word beginning with J, contain a game within it and also the words ‘missed the boat’.  It certainly was a challenge telling a story in so few words but I am happy with the end result and it doesn’t feel like a failure to me that it didn’t win. So please have a look and feel free to leave your comments on what you think. 



1 thought on “Sharing a part of me

  1. Hey Kellie, I finally got round to reading this (shame on me), and thought it was great! I imagine it would be tricky to write with certain rules/things to include but thought it flowed seamlessly. Makes me excited to read more of your work! Xx

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