Procrastination? Or writing for the love of writing? You decide?

Over the past few months I have been spending some of my rare writing time away from my first novel and dipping my toe into the world of short stories. My earlier post alluded to this being in response to some advice given by respected Australian authors, and also to ease me into the world of rejection. Incidentally (I did warn you about the detours), I received some good advice from a client in my last day as a Psychologist, about rejection. She indicated it would happen frequently in the arts and that it didn’t mean my writing wasn’t good, or that I was barking up the wrong tree, but that it was just the reality of the industry. As she was building my resilience at the start of my new career, it struck me how well we had worked together in my past career, that she could confidently and rightly give me such advice.

Up until tonight I had submitted a total of three, two rejections and one more decision pending. Tonight I pushed it to four by entering the Olga Masters Short Story Competition. I’ve been composing my 4000 word entry for the past 6 weeks, shaping and reshaping my entry with a little help from a trusty friend and adoring husband. With two days to spare the final tweaks were done and the story submitted. 

Whilst I have no doubt that I am competing with writers with more time and experience behind them, I have to say I am proud of myself. Whilst I know it’s the end of the journey for Carly (female protagonist- surprise, surprise), I feel I have done her justice. I can’t share it yet, but after judging and the result is known I think I will post this one for you all to read. Carly deserves some airtime and I need to let her go so I can get back to the novel! 

Speaking of the Novel, I created dialogue for the first time between characters after 56000 words…..sounds interesting you say? Well tune in for another blog post once I’ve finished the chapter. 

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